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Custom Lanyard Guide

Tips To Consider Before Or When Buying Lanyards


Lanyards are best giveaway choice you will ever have. Lanyard can be the best professional and useful gift you have been looking for. Lanyards can be used to reflect the values, colours and corporate the image of your company since they are customizable. Below are the tips you should consider before or when buying lanyards.


The materials available


The available materials on the lanyard at Lanyards USA make an important tip that you should consider when buying your own lanyard. It is always advisable to consider or choose a reflective lanyard. If you need a promotional lanyard then it is good to choose those made from nylon or polyester. Often dye sublimation and screen-printing are the techniques used in printing your name and logo on the product. Other materials that you may also choose from include cotton, neoprene, denim and vinyl.


Giveaway-serving lanyard


This is also another important tip to consider. Will the lanyard serve as a giveaway? Look at your budget, if it is a strict one and you need a lanyard then you can choose a lanyard from the many colours and attachments since they are cost effective. Lanyards like bootlace are the best for you since they have a choice of attaching cards keys or USB flash drives. Other good options that come with a swivel head that may allow you to rotate the attachments are like woven or ribbed lanyards. Their attachments are mainly made of metal or plastic, click for more facts!


Front clip attachments


You have to more careful when it comes to front clip attachments since there are many options to choose from. Metal or plastic attachments are the best options you should consider. Metal attachments look great and they are heavy as plastic attachments are the best options if your working place has large magnets or there is use of electricity. Therefore, it is also important to consider your working place and its environment it favours metal attachments then go for them but if it favours plastic attachment then they are you good choice. To know more ideas on how to select the best lanyards, visit


The wearer


The wearer of the lanyard is another important tip to put into consideration. Here the best choice for you will be the high quality embossed or satin polyester lanyards. The two lanyards are comfortable also very shiny which makes it easier for the lanyard to name and the logo of your company greatly.


So, the above tips will help you choose the best printed lanyard. Ensure that you consider all your best options before deciding on which one to buy since you don't want to make loses by buying something that won't serve your purpose well.